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Honduras Hope is a 100% volunteer organization with a committed board of directors, including those who travel regularly to our sister communities in Honduras several times each year.  Honduras Hope also includes leaders in the Honduran communities that we support, holding their own local fund raising in their communities each year to complement HH investments. We also rely on the community councils, or "Patronatos", to ensure programs and efforts are led by local community members.

Rev. William Briggs Founder, Board Member and Coordinator

I have been traveling to Honduras for over 35 years. I have started three non-profits/programs doing charitable work in rural Honduras, especially with indigenous populations.  I consider the communities we work with as part of my extended family.  For living in a country with so much, it is a privilege to share with those who have far less.​

Kathy Swanson, Board Member
Program Areas: Girls Empowerment Program, Education Committee, Women's Cooperative. As a former high school Spanish teacher and Fulbright teacher in Chile,I have always had a passion for Latin American culture. My love of Latin America and a commitment to working for justice have been two beacons that have guided my life.  Honduras Hope fulfills these needs within me.  I travel with Honduras Hope 3-4 times each year and work closely with the Girls Empowerment Program, the Boarding House, and the Women's Cooperative.

Kathleen Mahoney James, Board Member

Program Areas: Health Clinic, Nutrition Programs 

Kathleen is a nurse practitioner living in Natick, MA. She traveled with HH in 2005 and joined the board shortly thereafter. She came to Honduras Hope after several years of international relief work with organizations like Doctors Without Borders in countries such as Dominican Republic, Ghana and Brazil. Her belief is that aid work in marginalized communities must be a partnership that empowers individuals, strengthens communities and creates opportunity to improve lives.

Lisa Mure, Board Member

Lisa is a public health consultant with an international public health firm based in Boston.  She is also a former public school teacher and enjoys bringing bilingual books to Honduras for reading enrichment and English practice.  Traveling to Honduras is its own reward, connecting with families and community leaders on each trip, understanding other cultures, and bringing resources to help forward their own ideas for an improved quality of life.


Kris Norris, Board Member

Kris is a pharmacist and helps HH acquire and send medications to the clinic in San Jose.

Alex Ray, Board Member

Alex is a NH restaurateur with a commitment to charitable investment.  Alex funded the construction of a culinary and hospitality facility at the CEVER vocational school to support youth and adults in training and education for work in the culinary and hospitality fields.  The program is now self-sustaining through tuition and student catering of local events and meetings at the school.

Sue Spencer, Board Member

Sue and her husband develop and disseminate our wonderful newsletters 3-4 times each year, in addition to managing our Give Direct online fund raising.

Peter Lovett, Board Member

Peter is a minister in Lowell, MA and leads work trips to Yoro.  

Marianne  Vaughn, Board Member

Marianne is a passionate member of HH and led the development of a beauty school at the CEVER vocational school in Yoro, Honduras.  The program is wildly successful!

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