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Junto, todo es posible
  • Community Engagement.  We empower economically and politically marginalized people in rural Honduras to create stronger, more resilient, and self-sufficient communities through personal engagements. We seek opportunities at each step along the way to partner with the communities we serve through community-determined projects with local leadership boards known as "Patronatos" who help prioritize and evaluate direction; developing shared assets such as the building of the community center, health clinic, schools, and lending library; and shared decision-making with all community members.
  • Education. We support education through long-term investments in educational access.  This support includes a supervised boarding house for students from families in San Jose for whom daily travel distance to school would be barrier, funding for required uniforms and supplies, tutoring, and scholarship support for university study.
  • Health. We support healthy children and families through a weekly nutrition program for 0-5 year olds in San Jose and Plan Grande as well as a health clinic and full-time nursing services in San Jose. We also sponsor affordable water filtration systems, solar light, charging stations, roofs and floors for health and safety promotion.
  • Girls Empowerment. We support after-school programming for girls that encourages leadership, positive social interaction and academic tutoring. 
  • Entrepreneurship.  We support various projects that foster sustainable businesses, including the Women's cooperative that makes pine needle baskets for sale in Honduras and the U.S.
  • Eco-gardening & Agriculture.  We educate and train communities in composting and sustainable agriculture. 
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