Honduras Hope supports several programs to promote entrepreneurship:

Women's Cooperative

The Women's Cooperative in Plan Grande raises funds for community projects through jewelry making, sewing, and other activities. Members of the coop set goals for funds raised through their efforts.  This year, they are raising money for concrete water basins for families on an as-need basis.  Each water basin, essential for washing and bathing, costs approximately $500 USD.

Thrift Stores

HH was bringing down clothing donations on each trip when a lightbulb went on:  instead of simply handing the clothes over to the communities to distribute, why not create a small business that would generate proceeds for the villages?  Today there are now thrift stores operating in San Jose and Plan Grande.  The communities love having their own business to support affordable clothing and small wares for community members.

Ad hoc Projects

Other projects emerge that combine local investment and HH contribution to meet community needs.  Currently, ad hoc projects include a new water source in San Jose and first-ever electric lines to Plan Grande.

HH also helped Plan Grande and the boarding school initiate a bike raffle (bikes being valuable in the rural area!) to raise funds for community needs.  Community members bought raffle tickets and everyone learned a fun way to raise $ within their own community for specific needs. In 2016, the communities raised money for school supplies and roof reparis at the elementary school and boarding house. 

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