Our efforts with promoting education include several investments and programs:


HH built a boarding house in Yoro to support youth from outlying villages for whom middle and high school is up to a 6-hour round-trip walk each day. HH funds a house mother, meals program, and tutoring for the students who stay there Monday through Friday during the school year.  Most students go home on weekends to help with farming and household chores.


In the outlying villages of Plan Grande and San Jose de Machigua, HH supports teacher salaries and supplies so that rural children have access to daily schooling.


HH maintains a scholarship program for youth from HH-supported villages attending higher education, often in San Pedro Sula, a 1/2 day bus ride from Yoro.  HH funding provides tuition and housing support for the children who are the first in their families to attend college. Most are members of the Tolupani indigenous tribe.


CEVER is the vocational school in Yoro that has been one of the strongest partners with Honduras Hope, working side-by-side to cultivate new programs that increase enrollment and job training for high school aged students and adults.

      - The Culinary Program at CEVER was sponsored by Alex Ray of the Common Man Restaurants in New Hampshire.  Through his contribution and direct work, a building was constructed on the grounds of CEVER, a culinary and hospitality program was developed, and the program is fully operational, trains students, and even caters community events each month with the proceeds reinvested in the school.

      - The Beauty School at CEVER is the passion of beautician Marianne Vaughn of Littleton NH who organized equipment and funding donations to establish a beauty program at CEVER.  The program hired its first teacher and held its first class in the fall of 2016.  

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