Honduras Hope recently initiated square foot gardening, composting, and tree planting to support eco-gardening and sustainable agriculture.  Important to this program is the involvement of students and their families in these concepts and work.  Students at CEVER have constructed and maintain square foot gardens for herbs and vegetables used by the culinary program.  Students at the boarding house maintain these gardens for fresh produce for the boarding house.  Both sites, as well as the villages of San Jose and Plan Grande have learned about composting, including using coffee waste from the active and ubiquitous coffee fields to include in composting.  

HH has also studied and is introducing Moringa, a tree that provides high levels of vitamin C, A, calcium and protein.  These are nutrients that are lacking in poor people’s diets.  Moringa is sustainable and grows rapidly in countries that experience warm temperatures.

The Eco & Ag group is also working with Ecofiltros Honduras to inform the parents and children of the community why filtering water is important and how to maintain the filters. HH has helped place large filters in the nutrition centers, the San Jose Clinic, and the Plan Grande Elementary School.  We feel that it is important that community leaders impress especially on the children that clean water is a way to improved health and nutrition. Ecofiltros is sponsored by World Vision, Save the Children, Pearson, Siemens and many more philanthropic organizations. 

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