COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT       "Juntos..todo es posible"

We empower economically and politically marginalized people in rural Honduras to create stronger, more resilient, and self-sufficient communities through personal engagements. We seek opportunities at each step along the way to partner with the communities we serve through: 

  • Self determined projects;

  • Local leadership boards who help prioritize and evaluate direction;

  • Representative subcommittees for addressing specific problems and needs;

  • Regular town meetings for planning, reporting, and hearing from all constituents;

  • Physical infrastructure that is a shared asset in the community, such as the building of the community center, health clinic, schools, and lending library;

  • Leadership training and opportunities;

  • Standing with communities over time to role model commitment and shared responsibility; and

  • Discussions about vision, dreams, and how to get there.

Ultimately it is through our motto - Juntos todo es possible (Together anything is possible) - that we role model and live our community development efforts, and transfer the ideas and principles of shared responsibility and community engagement to our Honduran partners.

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